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.Education Interactive is an Australian-owned company based in Sydney. Our workshops have been touring Australia, the UK & Ireland since 2005. In that time our forensic science shows have made more than 1,500 school visits and been seen by over 200,000 students

Meet the Education Interactive Team

Richard Forrest (MSc Forensic Science)


Richard completed a MSc in Forensic Science at University of Strathclyde, Scotland in 1983. In 2004 Richard decided to design a forensic science programme that would bring real world science into the classroom. A Case of Identity first toured Australia in 2005 and commenced touring UK & Ireland in 2006. A Case of Conspiracy was created and toured in 2009. During development of these programmes, Richard worked closely with the Centres for Forensic Science at UTS, Australia and University of Strathclyde, Scotland to ensure the scientific accuracy of the content. Further collaboration with High School Science Teachers from the respective countries to develop the Curriculum Relevance Statements ensures that the programmes are aligned with the current education standards.

Kate Harvey (BSc Forensic Biology, First class Honours in Biomedical Science, PhD candidate in Microbiology, AFHEA )


Kate Harvey has recently completed her PhD in microbial proteomics at the ithree institute at UTS. During her studies she has presented at international conferences, worked at collaborating laboratories in England, lectured, and has volunteered in several science communication and outreach programs.

Kate’s teaching experience includes teaching in the Faculty of Health and Faculty of Science at UTS as a casual academic since 2012. This role has included lecturing, leading laboratory classes, leading tutorials, mentoring research students, and facilitating student workshops. During this time, she has developed a range of learning resources aimed at improving student’s learning experiences. In 2016 she received international recognition for her work in teaching, assessing, and giving feedback to learners being awarded as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA). She has a passion for exploring the world, igniting curiosity in students, improving the learning experiences of students in science, and sharing her passion for science with others.

Bronte Black (BSc in Neuroscience and Anatomy and Histology, First Class Grad Dip in Neuroscience, Master of Science Communication Outreach. )


Bronte recently finished her Master’s degree at the Australian National University where she travelled around regional and remote Australia, presenting science shows to primary and high schools and the local communities. Bronte has worked with a diverse range of audiences from pre-school to high school students as well as students from special education schools. She is passionate about equality and diversity in education and has undertaken cultural training to improve her ability to communicate science with Indigenous Australian students.

Bronte is excited to share her passion for science and science communication in her new role at Education Interactive. She hopes to help Education Interactive to inspire hands-on science investigation in schools and encourage creative thinking in science.

Alison Leck (BA Communication)


Alison is our most experienced presenter. Since 2012, she has led over 600 workshops in Australia, Ireland and UK. These workshops have been at all levels from primary school through to tertiary. She especially loves sparking & encouraging curiosity, getting students to think about the ‘what, when & how does it all fit together?

Alison holds a BA in Communication & for many years she conducted OH&S & presentation training workshops in the corporate sector. She has also led the winning team, in the Telstra e-business of the year award in 2002. After this, she toured most capital cities in Australia, as a motivational speaker for potential applicants. Alison has also been a volunteer First Aid Instructor with Red Cross for many years.

In her spare time, Alison loves to read, swim, walk, snorkel, kayak, snow ski & (obviously !!) travel

Christine & Juliette

Booking Agents

Meet our booking agent team! These lovely ladies are the ones who call your school to give you the information about our upcoming tours and to provide our front line customer service.

James Finger (BSc (Hons) Forensic Chemistry)


James graduated from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2004. He assisted with the formation of Education Interactive (EI) presenting the maiden tour across Australia. He then joined the NSW Police Forensic Services Group where he took up the post of Scene of Crime Officer for the Hunter Valley Command for 2 years, before returning to EI to present in the UK & Ireland.

During James time at Education Interactive he presented and developed workshops and managed tours, programmes and presenters. Even though he has now returned to the NSW Police Forensic Services Group he will always be a member of the Education Interactive family.

Education Interactive provides educational science workshops based on Forensics to High Schools and Primary Schools across Australia, the UK & Ireland. Our programs aim to encourage a love of and curiosity in science amongst students and show them how science plays an important role in the world outside the classroom. Our travelling presenters bring a real-to-life crime scene investigation to the schools, set up a series of forensic evidence experiments and lead the students through the case while they learn how chemistry, physics and biology can help to solve crimes.
As well as our incursions we also provide online teaching resources to help schools run their own experiments and make progress to objectives on the Australian National Curriculum. Our team is small but effective, with five agents in the office taking bookings and fielding question and our five enthusiastic presenters out on the road bringing the science fun to schools across all three countries. Our Forensic Science workshops bring classroom science to life and enhance the learning experience by allowing students to take on the role of the Forensic Scientist and solve real life crimes
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