At Education Interactive we are passionate about engaging all students in science and encouraging the uptake of STEM subjects in later school years.

Our forensic science workshops have been loved by schools and students across Ireland, the UK and Australia. Our maiden workshop, A Case of Identity first toured Australia in 2005 and commenced touring Ireland and the UK in 2006. During the development of these programmes, Education Interactive worked closely with the Centres for Forensic Science at UTS, Australia and University of Strathclyde, Scotland to ensure the scientific accuracy of the content.


Richard Forrest (Founder)

BSc Biochemistry, Master of Science in Forensic Science

Richard completed his MSc in Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. In 2004 Richard decided to design a forensic science programme that would bring real world science into the classroom and from this idea, Education Interactive was born. He wanted to show students the real-world applications of the science they were learning in the classroom in an engaging manner. This idea has now grown into an international success with Education Interactive touring Australia, the UK, and Ireland.

Dr Kate Harvey (Manager)

Bsc Forensic Biology (Hons) First Class in Biomedical Science, PhD in Microbiology, AFHEA

Kate’s background is in Forensic Biology and Microbiology. Her teaching experience includes lecturing, leading laboratory classes, and mentoring research students. During this time, she developed a range of learning resources aimed at improving student’s learning experiences. In 2016 she received international recognition for her work in teaching, assessing, and feedback, being awarded as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA). Kate enjoys communicating science which has led her to present at international conferences, and volunteer in several science communication and outreach programs. She has a passion for exploring the world, igniting curiosity in students, improving the learning experiences of students in science, and sharing her passion for science with others.

Bronte Black (Manager)

Bsc Neuroscience, First Class Grad Dip in Neuroscience, Master of Science Communication (Outreach)

Bronte is passionate about science and loves sharing her passion with others. She has worked with a diverse range of audiences from pre-school to high school students as she travelled around regional and remote Australia for her Master’s degree at the Australian National University.  She is excited to bring hands-on science investigation in schools with Education Interactive and hopes to and encourage creative thinking in science.

Nat Ferfoglia (Presenter)

BA in Communication, BA in Education SCU, Cert IV in Interactive Digital Media

Nat Ferfoglia aka Miss Nat is a passionate school teacher who aims to engage primary aged students to discover the fascinating world of science. Her teaching style guarantees to engage even the most reluctant students. Specializing in inquiry-based learning, she has left the confines of the classroom to travel across the country with Education Interactive.

“I am continually rewarded with the looks of awe and wonder when students gaze at themselves for the very first time, from the eye of a digital microscope.”

Kat Stammers (Presenter)

BApSci in Biomedical Science and Biotechnology, Grad Dip in Education – Secondary

Kat loves all things science and travelling! She has a passion for inspiring scientific inquiry and curiosity in kids, both big and small!
Kat brings a variety of experience to her role with Education Interactive including presenting science shows and workshops at science museums, developing and teaching hands-on, investigative and inquiry-based science lessons, as well as a major in biomedical science! This means she likes all those gory things, like blood and other gross stuff you might see at a crime scene!

Jeshka McConnell (Presenter)

Master of Science Communication (Outreach)

Jeshka has recently joined the team after finding a passion for science outreach and touring as part of the Shell Questacon Science Circus. Her passion has always revolved around health and medicine, though towards the end of her university career she realised her true passion was in health promotion, equity and public engagement rather than practising medicine as a doctor. This led her to focus on all forms of science communication, hoping to engage diverse audiences in the weird and wonderful aspects of their lives and the world
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