A Case Of Conspiracy

Workshop Storyline

A new drug dealer on the scene is found dead and foul play is suspected.

An 18-year-old boy is arrested for the murder which he claims to know nothing about. However, drugs, a gun, and a stash of money were found at the home of the accused which all point to his guilt! This case highlights how the lure of drugs and easy money can lead to a web of deceit and betrayal. Your students will examine and interpret the evidence which includes arson, DNA, and ballistic evidence.

Interactive Evidence Stations

Supplement your lesson plan with this hands-on science incursion your students won’t stop talking about. Your students work collaboratively to analyse evidence stations, determine timelines, and uncover motives of the suspects.

Exploration of Social Issues

Our science incursions also cover serious social and community issues as an undertone to the storyline. This case discusses drug awareness and the impacts of hanging out with the wrong crowd. It is presented subtly to allow an open dialogue with your students.


Junior Cycle and TY

Evidence Stations


Digital microscopy

Mass spectrometry

Arson Investigation


Tyre Tread Impressions

Blood detection

Digital evidence

Autopsy report

DNA profiling

Booking Information

A Case of Conspiracy will be visiting secondary schools all around Ireland in the 2019/2020 school year.

    Each workshop can cater to a maximum of 60 students.

    Sessions run for 60-90 minutes. We will fit around your bell times.

    We can run up to 4 sessions a day.

    Presenter will need access to the room 90 mins beforehand to set up.

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Curriculum Relevance Statement

Our workshops were developed by scientists in collaboration with university forensic departments to ensure the content is scientifically accurate. The programs are aligned to the NCCA curriculum and can be a great addition to your Transition Year program. Please see files below for specific details.